UM Power and Energy R&D Expo 2019

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UM Power and Energy R&D Expo 2019

November 13, 2019, 1:20 pm at Senate Chamber (E3 262 – EITC)

          This gathering of electrical engineers showcase the work of researchers in University of Manitoba, Electrical Engineering power group. This event offers an opportunity for the people of the electrical power sector to gather and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations, and new technology directions. Researchers and exhibitors will educate the delegates on the current state of the research and delegates from the industry will share their vision for collaborative R&D.

Scheduled speeches

  • Power Systems Simulation and HVDC Transmission technology – Dr. Ani Gole
  • Power System Dynamics and Control – Dr. Udaya Annakkage
  • Power Systems Protection and Active Distribution Systems – Dr. Athula Rajapakse
  • Power Electronics, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicular Systems – Dr. Shaahin Filizadeh
  • High Voltage Systems and Condition Monitoring – Dr. Behzad Kordi
  • Power Electronics Systems for Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Applications –  Dr. Carl Ho                                                                                  
  • Manitoba Hydro Vision for Collaborative R&D – Dr. David Swatek
  • RTDS Technologies Vision for Collaborative R&D – Mr. Rick Kuffel
  • Manitoba Hydro International Vision for Collaborative R&D – Dr. Dharshana  Muthumuni

Why Attend

  • Key insights from industry thought leaders & service providers and researchers
  • Demonstrations of the research of the UOM power group to the industry
  • Excellent networking opportunities with peers throughout the day