About IPGL

            Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory (iPGL) is devoted to research and education in the area of power system protection, automation and control. It is located in the Stanley Pauley Center. The laboratory is equipped with real time power system simulators, modern multifunction protection relays, digital fault recorders, phasor measurement units (PMUs), GPS satellite clocks, merging units, communication and networking equipment, electrical machine and power system test beds, software for power system monitoring, analysis, and automation, and general purpose testing and measuring equipment. The laboratory can facilitate research and training in emerging areas such as wide area monitoring, control and protection of power systems, power systems dynamics and stability, new substation automation and protection paradigms based on IEC 61850 standards, grid integration of renewable energy systems.


Funding rhttp://ipowergridlab.ca/eceived through the Stanley Pauley Centre (donation from Mr. Stanley F. Pauley) enabled acquiring of the majority of equipment and software including the ERL Phase multifunction line, transformer, and bus protection relays, ERL Phase Tesla 4000 recorder cum phasor measurement units, ERL Phase merging unit, Labvolt power system and machines test bench, Ruggedcom substation grade network switches, software required for implementation of IEC 61850 based substation automation systems, and test equipment such as precision oscilloscopes and arbitrary function generators. A Winnipeg based company, RTDS Technologies Inc. donated a powerful RTDS real time simulator worth nearly half a million dollars. This simulator is essential and central for most of the research conducted in iPGL. The Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. also contributed by donating two multifunction line protection relays with PMU capability, a transformer protection relay, software for implementing Phasor Data Concentrators and visualization of with phasor measurements.