UM Power and Energy R&D Expo 2019

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UM Power and Energy R&D Expo 2019 November 13, 2019, 1:20 pm at Senate Chamber (E3 262 – EITC)           This gathering of electrical engineers showcase the work of researchers in University of Manitoba, Electrical Engineering power group. This event offers an opportunity for the people of the electrical power sector to gather and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations, and new technology directions. Researchers and exhibitors will educate the delegates on the current state of the research and delegates from the industry will share their vision for collaborative R&D.Scheduled speechesPower Systems Simulation and HVDC Transmission technology

University Of Manitoba New Logo

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The message from University of Manitoba President and Vice-Chancellor David Barnard: Universities have stories to tell: about who they are, their values, their priorities. At the University of Manitoba, we are all a part of that story, and our visual identity—the look and feel of the materials we produce—provides us with a recognizable vehicle with which to express ourselves and connect with those who care about us and the work we do. That visual identity, like the other components of our collective story, occasionally requires refreshing. Over time, we evolve, we grow, we change. And so do our story and

McMath High Voltage Laboratory (M2HVL)

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Reliable operation of electric power systems is highly dependent on an insulation system required to safely isolate energized electrical components of the power system from ground and from each other. With an average age of 50-60 years, the insulation systems of North America’s power grid are now under higher levels of stress than they were designed to tolerate. In addition, emergent renewable electric power sources, e.g. wind and solar energies, use power electronics that introduce high frequency voltages which accelerate the ageing of the already stressed electric insulation. These stressed and ageing electric insulators increase the risk of sudden equipment
In this research, an experimental synchrophasor network and a set of instructions were developed for introducing synchrophasor technology and its applications to graduate and senior undergraduate students. Synchrophasors are representations of the phasor values of sinusoidal currents and voltages in a power system with respective to a common phase angle reference and all measurements are reported with a time tag indicating the measurement time. Thus they are very useful for power system monitoring and control applications because the measurements made at different locations can be time aligned to create a snapshot of the power system. A synchrophasor measurement system consists

Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory (iPGL)

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Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory is one of the three laboratories housed in the Stanley Pauley Centre and devoted to research and education in the area of power system protection, automation and control. The laboratory is well equipped with real time power system simulators, modern multifunction protection relays, digital fault recorders with PMU capability, GPS satellite clocks, communication and networking equipment, electrical machine and power system test beds, power system monitoring, analysis, and automation software, merging units, and general purpose testing and measuring equipment. The laboratory can facilitate research and training in emerging areas such as wide area monitoring, control and