Mcmath High voltage laboratory

McMath High Voltage Laboratory, one of the three laboratories housed in Stanley Pauley Centre, is dedicated to research and training in the area of high voltage and high electric field intensity studies of electrical insulators and insulations systems. The recent renovation of the lab as well as the equipment that has been acquired/ordered are enabling research projects and teaching laboratory experiments related to high voltage insulation and techniques.

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The Electric Vehicles Laboratory

The Electric Vehicles Laboratory at the Stanley Pauley Centre is dedicated to the research and development of advanced propulsion systems for such vehicles. Despite its name, which may imply a focus on merely electric vehicles, the Laboratory does indeed include all kinds of partially-electric drive-trains as well.

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Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory (iPGL)

Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory is one of the three laboratories housed in the Stanley Pauley Centre and devoted to research and education in the area of power system protection, automation and control. The laboratory is well equipped with real time power system simulators, modern multifunction protection relays, digital fault recorders with PMU capability, GPS satellite clocks, communication and networking equipment

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Stanley Pauley Centre for Power Systems Research

The Stanley Pauley Centre for Power Systems Research was officially opened on October 1, 2013, with a very simple ceremony. The Centre houses three major laboratories: the Intelligent Power Grid Laboratory, the Electric Vehicles Laboratory and the McMath High Voltage Laboratory. The Centre also has a conference room, graduate students’ space and three faculty offices.  The existing laboratories and facilities at 105 Dafoe Road were renovated and refurbished to create state-of-the-art electrical engineering research and teaching facilities. The Centre was established through a $4 million donation made by Mr. Stanley F. Pauley, the chairman and CEO of Carpenter Company in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Pauley is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering with a major in Electrical Engineering in 1949 (BSc(EE)/49).  Currently more than 15 full time graduate students under the supervision of five professors use the research facilities in the Stanley Pauley Centre.  The establishment of the new centre enabled the Faculty to obtain a new research chair in the area of efficient utilization of electrical energy.